Radiofrequency Nano Needles


With a wonderful. cocktail of serums based on:

Vit-C | Resveratrol | Peptides & Hyaluronic acid



Glow Lift Summum



+ Exfoliates and removes dead cells
+ Improve Skin
+ Erase Wrinkles

Stemcell EGF ampoules

+ O₂ Infuser System
+ Jelly Mask

Skin Care Solution


For this fall, Nourish, rejuvenate and illuminate your skin with Oxygen and stem cell ampoules. This combination is ideal for skin that is inflamed, reddened, dehydrated, uneven, wrinkled, or shows signs of sun damage.

Ferulac Peel

Exfoliate, resurface, moisturize and renew the skin.

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Mens Facial

with eye treatment


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