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body Treatment

Combat cellulite, flaccidity and enhance body remodeling, which combines the benefits of the most advanced technologies with the most effective manual therapy.


Deep cleansing facial , including Steam , exfoliation, extraction, high frequency , and mask depend your skin condition

Treatment Specialties Services

Detox Facial

Deep cleansing facial with extraction , helps regulate sebaceous gland activity, accelerating the skin’s cellular regeneration. Recommended to do once a month.

| 1 hr |

Acne Facial

Estrogen and testosterone increase during the years of adolescence ,causing the skin to become more oily. This treatment regulates the excess oil and diminishes blemishes of the skin.

| 1 hr |


Diamond microdermabrasion is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fight the effects of aging. In this type of treatment, dead skin cells are exfoliated and vacuumed off the face with a machine that uses Diamond Peel microdermtips covered in tiny diamonds. Additionally, this treatment helps increase blood flow and collagen production.

| 1 hr |

Chemical Peels

Tranexamic acid, Ferulic acid, Melaspeel & Fenol. Line of products intended to maintain the thickness of the stratum corneum and stimulate dermoepidermal cell turnover.

| 1 hr |

Men Peel

Pyruvic peel is a line of products with hydroalcoholic base and where the main active ingredient is the pyruvic acid.Affects the epidermis and the dermis. Decreases the cohesion of epidermal corneocytes and prevents the thickening of the corneal layer.

| 1 hr |

Oxygeneo Facial

Hydrates, clarifies, purifies. Purifying treatment indicated for all skin types, especially for the most dehydrated and congested. The supply of oxygen allows the skin to breathe, oxygenate, illuminate and smooth while restoring the tone and vitality of the skin.

| 1 hr |

Hifu Treatment

A high intensity focused ultrasound facial, or HIFU facial for short, is a noninvasive treatment for facial aging. This procedure is part of a growing trend for anti-aging treatments that provide some of the benefits of a facelift without the need for surgery.

| 2 hr |


Radiofrequency (RF) therapy, also called radiofrequency skin tightening, is a nonsurgical method of tightening your skin. The procedure involves using energy waves to heat the deep layer of your skin known as your dermis. This heat stimulates the production of collagen equency.

| 1 hr |

Hidradermie Double Ionization Treatment

More beautiful skin, more radiance face. already the star treatment hydradermie, now became guinot's superstar face treatment personalised treatment to suit every skin type and leave client faces more beautiful

| 1 hr |

Hydradermie Lift

The Hydradermie Lift is a 60 minute mechanical facial that lifts the facial features & recontours the shape of the face by stimulating the facial muscles. It uses a machine which incorporates mild galvanic and thermal electrode with oxigen cream , that are used over the face.


The cleansing, exfoliation, chemical peel, collagen building, and facial muscle-relaxing provided by a HydraFacial helps treat many of the beauty issues individuals experience today, including large pores, wrinkles, breakouts, and thinning skin. HydraFacial treatments are often used in conjunction with LED light therapy. Blue light can help with acne while red light can help reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

| 1 hr |

Fractional Microneedling

RF Microneedling is the latest anti-aging technology that safely and effectively returns your skin to a more youthful and radiant state. RF Microneedling is one of the most effective skin-tightening treatments to improve fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes, mouth and cheeks. RF Microneedling also reduces pore size, acne scars and stretch marks.

| 1 1/2 hr |

Aromatherapy Facial

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Mimo Esthetic was created in the midst of difficult times to provide clients with Peace, Love, and trust in a completely relaxed environment.

The specialty of this place is customer service and the quality of the products. We have an excellent team. among them (Hydradermie Vital Energy) with its gels with spectacular aromas to make a unique experience pleasant to your skin and your senses. Of course to pamper your skin

Waleska Hernández, its owner, has been a beautician for more than 30 years with a degree in Florida with continuing education in the states of New York, Atlanta, and Florida and also in the cities of Barcelona, Gerona, and Madrid in Spain

My passion is to make changes in the skin and see a smile in each of my clients Educate the home care client and keep their skin young and healthy

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